Top Three Water Softener Alternate Systems

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Business

Whether you buy a home or build a home, there are several things you need to keep in mind regarding your water system. It’s best to know before you move whether you have hard water. Hard water is caused by limestone, iron and other minerals in your water. If you find out you have hard water, don’t worry. There are several systems you can have installed in your house to get rid of this. It’s best to know your different options before you go out shopping. Below is a list of the top three water softener alternate systems and their advantages.

An Electronic Descaling Water System

An electronic descaling water system is the newest kind of water softener alternate. This system works by periodically sending electrical waves through your water system breaking up the minerals that cause hard water. Once you have this system installed, it doesn’t require any other upkeep. The electronic descaling water system is the smallest of them being no bigger than your electric meter. This system is very eco-friendly because its electric usage is very minimal, and you don’t have to waste any water for flushing requirements. Unlike other water softening alternatives, it doesn’t require you to insert water softener tablets. This system is ideal for people who are constantly on the go or who travel a lot because it only runs when you have water flowing in your plumbing.

A Water Softening Tank

For homeowners who have water constantly running, a water-softening tank is the best alternate for you. This system works by filtering your water through salt. Unlike the old salt system, a water softening tank hooks directly up to your water line. A water-softening tank does requires minor weekly maintenance depending on how much water you use. If you are looking for alternatives that don’t use any electricity, this is the one for you. People shopping on a budget should really consider this water softener alternate. A water softening tank is the most cost effective of all the alternatives.

A Water Softening Regenerator

A water softening regenerator is widely used by consumers because of the many options it offers to the homeowner. There are three different kinds of water softening regenerators. The first is a manual regenerator. It requires the owner to pull a lever which releases water softener into your plumbing. The second is the meter regenerator. This system hooks directly up to you water, and releases water softener into your plumbing when you use so many gallons of water. The third kind is a timer regenerator. It has a timer resembling a 24 hour clock where the homeowner sets what time they want it to release softener into the water.

Hard water doesn’t have to be a homeowner nuisance. There are water-softening systems to alleviate this problem. It is important to know what your budget is, and how much water you use, before shopping. These top three water softener alternate systems are the best on the market, and fit everyone’s individual needs.

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