Tips on Choosing a Cleaning Service for Your Office

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Cleaning

If you are searching for a quality commercial cleaning company who provides office cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ area, understand this point: It is extremely important for that cleaning service to maintain a sanitary and clean office environment as it contributes to the success of your business. A cleaning service typically comes in after hours and thoroughly cleans all areas in your office according to a standard of specifications. If you are looking for a cleaning service, here are some tips that may be helpful in achieving that goal.

Interview & Price Quotes
Your first step in finding a cleaning service for your office is to understand the basic cleaning duties needed and to get price quotes from local companies. Invite 2 or 3 companies to come to your office so that they can provide you with an accurate quote based on the services you require. These companies typically provide services such as vacuuming, cleaning, mopping, restroom cleaning and sanitizing various other areas in the office. Some of these companies also provide carpet cleaning and floor maintenance but not all of them.  If you anticipate these services will be needed periodically, ask about these services first.

Before you choose a cleaning service it is important to make sure that company has an insurance policy.  Simply ask for a certificate of insurance. You want to choose a company that has insurance so that you can be sure that in the unlikely event damage was done to your facility, the cleaning service would be liable.

Experiences & References
Make sure that the company you hire is able to provide you with references. Any reputable company should be able to provide you with at least three quality clients they have served. This will also help to determine if the cleaning company you want to hire has the experience necessary to handle the type of cleaning job that is required.

A Company with Much to Offer
Square Feat can provide your company with a full array of janitorial cleaning services. These include upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, light fixture cleaning, hard floor maintenance or other specialized services. If you need your air filters replaced or light handy man tasks, Square Feat can handle that as well. They will also track all of your cleaning and paper products to make it easy to keep inventory. Regardless if you manage a medical facility, school, office building, restaurant, or car dealership, Square Feat can provide you with high quality cleaning services for reasonable prices. You should hire a team that can handle all of these jobs without the hassle of hiring multiple companies.

Square Feat provides professional office cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding cities. Visit their website to learn more about the services they provide or for free no obligation quote.

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