Tips for Choosing Antifreeze and Coolants Supplier

If the place where you live has freezing cold weather then you probably are quite familiar with the early morning ritual of starting your car and keeping the engine running for about 10 to 15 minutes to warm it, before you leave for work. However, without visiting your Florida antifreeze and coolants supplier and giving your vehicle a regular antifreeze top-up it may not start at all.

Antifreeze is a liquid also commonly called coolant. It is added to water in a vehicle engine’s cooling system and lowers the freezing point of the water so that it will not freeze under normal freezing weather conditions, and this prevents costly damage to your car’s radiator.

It is also called coolant because it has a dual function of preventing your car engine from overheating in the hot and dry season typical of Florida between October to April. It does this by increasing the boiling point of the water in your vehicle’s engine.

Antifreeze Liquids

You get 2 types of antifreeze liquids:

  • The Florida antifreeze and coolants supplier supplies coolant liquid that you can use as is for top-ups and replacements.
  • The concentrated form needs to be diluted with water. You can make your own coolant liquid by using a 50 / 50 proportion of water and concentrate. Check your vehicle’s manual to confirm the right proportion applicable in your case to prevent damage to your vehicle’s engine.

When you need to top-up or replace the coolant/antifreeze in your vehicle, remember that newer cars need coolants that are OAT based and silicate-free, whereas older cars that predate 1998 require coolants that are not OAT based and do contain silicate.

Your Supplier

Jack Becker is your Florida antifreeze and coolants supplier for reliable advice and a ready supply of coolant for all your vehicle’s needs. You can also contact them on 800-488-8411 to speak with a friendly technician.

The company has been in business since 1956 and aims to be more than just a supplier. They do their best to help businesses thrive by providing reliable, honest service that can be relied on.

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