Tips for a More Productive Office

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Business

We’ve all had days in which our productivity levels are about zero – it’s understandable to have them once in a while. But if your staff is feeling burnt out and nonproductive on a daily basis, it could be time to put some systems in place to make your office more productive. Thanks to modern technology, such as web based scheduling software, and automated systems, it’s not difficult to streamline each process. With a happier and less-stressed staff, they’ll be happier and more productive. Here are some tips on how to make your office more productive:

Regular Breaks
No, your staff doesn’t need a break every 10 minutes; but you should give them time to walk away from the hustle and bustle at least a couple of times each day. Don’t encourage them to eat at their desks, and if the weather permits, have a couple of picnic tables outside for staff to enjoy.

Keep the office clean
A clean office is a happy office. Hire professional cleaning staff to dust, mop and vacuum all common areas, and try to keep things organized and in their place. This is not only beneficial for staff, but for clients and customers that visit.

Automate your systems
When you can streamline some of your processes, like appointment scheduling and reminders, phone routing, voicemails, etc. your office staff can concentrate on other duties.

Hire enough staff
One of the benefits of automating your appointment reminders is that you can make sure you have enough staff on hand for day-to-day activities.

Invest in the right office furniture
Ergonomic chairs, stand-up desks, filing cabinets and proper lighting will all result in a better workplace and a more productive staff.

Web based scheduling software, along with other resources like a proper break room and ample desk space, allows your staff to do their jobs with efficiency and ease.

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