The Reasons For Having A Your Home Inspected For Mold

In any discussion about mold, black mold, due to its toxicity will always be at the center of the conversation. Mold comes in many different colors and is not always easy to find; mold gets in behind the dry wall, loves damp basements and forms quickly in air conditioners, humidifiers and dehumidifiers that are not well maintained. A mold inspector in West Covina CA knows all the mold species and where to find them.

Health concerns:

Mold can cause respiratory and many other problems. Those that are most at risk are small children, elderly people and people who have allergies but mold can be problematic to everyone. After many studies and tests it has been concluded that the greatest majority of sinus infections are caused by mold, it has also been closely linked to asthma. Fortunately mold can be eliminated but only once it has been located, this is where a mold inspector in West Covina CA comes in.

Mold inspections:

Mold inspections are something that should be carried out periodically or when there is advancing indication that there is a mold problem. If you find damp spots in your home or someone living in the home should all of a sudden have respiratory problems then a mold inspection is definitely in order. The cost of a mold inspection varies of course based on the size of the home but whatever the cost, it is well worth it.

Mold test reports:

Once the inspection has been completed a mold inspector in West Covina CA will provide the homeowner a written test report. The report is often an important document that is needed to reclaim the cost of remediation from the homeowner’s insurer. A mold inspector will search everywhere in the house, collect samples and them subjected to lab analysis. The inspector not only checks surfaces, he also checks the air in the home and even inside appliances that may be the root of the problem.

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