The Meaning Behind Military Flag Folding as Part of Veteran services in Woodland CA

The funeral for a Veteran is a solemn and special time. It is a time to honor them and the sacrifice they made by giving up a portion of their lives for this great country. The rites performed leave lasting memories for their loved ones that are left behind. From the playing of “Taps” to the 21-gun salute, they all bring comfort and show respect. One of the most important traditions is the folding of the American flag. While the 13 folds have no “official” meaning, in popular culture they do. I general, here are what the folds have come to mean.

Fold #1 represents life.
Fold #2 represents eternal life.
Fold #3 is to remember those Veterans who went before.
Fold #4 reminds us of our weak side.
Fold #5 honor the United States.
Fold #6 brings to mind the Pledge of Allegiance.
Fold #7 honors the military.
Fold #8 honors those who were brave for our sake, and for Mother’s Day.
Fold #9 celebrates the strength of womanhood.
Fold #10 honors the fathers who gave their children to protect our land.
Fold #11 for the Jewish soldier it glorifies the God of Abraham.
Fold #12 for the Christian soldier it honors God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
Fold #13 puts the stars on top to remind us to trust in God.

After the flag is folded, it is presented to next of kin. This flag often becomes a keepsake for the family. In its folded state it can be placed in a special case for display on a mantle or bookshelf, or it can be flown as you would any flag as a reminder of family, country and service.

When a loved one passes, it’s often hard to think about all the details that go into planning their funeral. If that loved one was a Veteran, there is even more to think about. That’s why you need a company that’s an expert in Veteran services in Woodland CA, like the good people at McCune Garden Chapel. With experience, compassion and understanding on their side, they can make the planning process easier.

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