The Green Choice for Custom Interior Signs in Fort Worth, TX

If you are looking for custom interior signs for your business, you need to consider a few things. You need to think about the price as well as the design of your signs. You also need to think about how they are made. The material is important but so is making something sustainable and environmentally friendly. If you want an environmentally friendly sign, you need to hire a company that specializes in producing them. There are many different ways to produce eco-friendly signs. One way is to use wood substitutes.

Wood Substitutes

Some of the ecologically friendly sign companies use materials that mimic wood without actually being wood. Coconut is one of the most popular materials for custom interior signs in Fort Worth, TX. Coconut shells are made of fibrous materials that are similar to wood.

Coconut is used for different materials in many different industries; it is used for charcoal, construction, and even clothing. Legacy Signs of Texas sources the discarded portions of the coconut shells that are not used in the industrial process. They use the discarded shells at a fraction of the cost of wood; that way, they save trees and reduce the amount of wasted coconut shells.


In addition to coconut, bamboo makes great custom interior signs. Bamboo is technically a grass but it acts like wood once it is dried. It is used for cutting boards, clothing, and even furniture. The discarded portions can be used to make signs for inside your business. A good bamboo sign will look and feel just like wood; however, it will be a fraction of the price and won’t contribute to deforestation. Bamboo grows several inches every day; a good bamboo field replenishes itself in a matter of days without much need for water or fertilizing. Visit website for more details.

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