The Costs Of Printing Mesh Banners

One of the key indicators that you are working with a top printing company is the ability of the printer to provide a precise, accurate quote for the cost of the printing you request. Be very careful about a printer that doesn’t provide an exact quote as these are often companies that give a low first price and then add in costs during the project.

Getting an Accurate Quote

In order for a company to know the cost of printing anything, including mesh banners, it will be essential to be able to provide specific information to the service. This means having a very clear picture of what you need for the banner or banners prior to talking to the printing service.

To help you to be organized, here are the important points you should consider and decide on before the call:

  • Shape – what is the shape of the mesh banner you require. Most of these will be used on fences or for outdoor displays, but they can also be used indoors or even for trade fair booths. Knowing the size you want will allow for an accurate quote.
  • Printing and design – do you currently have a file with the design of the mesh banners ready to upload to the printer or do you need graphic services to help with the design process? Most printers will be able to accept common types of files including PDF, TIFF, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as an EPS file. If you need graphic services, have an idea of the images, theme, color, and message you want on the banner.

It is important to avoid changing your mind or adding onto the order for mesh banners after it is placed. This will typically add a cost to the quote that was unforeseen by the printer, which may also delay the completion of the project if additional design work has to be completed.

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