The Changes with ISO 9001 in 2015

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Business

If you are currently an expert in ISO certification, then you already know that the ISO 9001:2008 has changed to the ISO 9001: 2015 and came out just a few months ago. There are a number of changes that were implemented into the new program. Some of these new changes may need to be explained even if you have been certified for quite some time. The ISO committee made these changes to ensure the customers are getting the best possible service imaginable.

Changes in 2015
The new 2015 version of the ISO 9001 is a lot more compatible with a lot of management systems such as the ISO 14001 which makes it easier for you to run your business. The basic changes to the ISO 9001 are the key concepts, terms, as well as the structure involved. There are a variety of important concepts that were added to the new ISO such as the items listed below:

  • The evaluation and performance which has changed very little and holds a lot of the same advancements in the former ISO 9001.
  • One of the newest additions to the ISO 9001 is the context that is related to the organization and has the ability to effect the ability of your company to provide the best services and products to your consumers so you can meet all of their requirements.
  • Some of the other primary changes included planning, leadership, and support which only enhances the 2008 version but is essentially the same. The structure portion even addresses the latest opportunities within the quality assurance system.
  • It also provides new opportunities when it comes to the quality management system and the risk that is involved. Much of the changes are simply enhancements to the ISO 2008.

The audit experience does have the potential to change in the near future. It is not quite as strict as the older versions and the terminology and concepts are a bit different and are easier to relate to. These standards were implemented to help businesses create a unique opportunity for all of your customers both current and future.

These changes can make a big difference in how your run your business and how happy your customers are. It may take some times to make use of these changes, it has the ability to make sure that your staff works together to create a better business.

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