The Benefits of Non-chlorine Pools

Ever since, a swimming trip has always been synonymous with two C’s: childhood and chlorine. As a known killer of bacteria, huge pools are poured with this toxic liquid to ensure its cleanliness. However, as latest research suggests, that sting in one’s eyes after a quick dip really has its effect not just for the skin of swimmers, but in their long-term overall health. The need to shower right after to rinse off the chlorine is testament of its detrimental effects to a person.

There has been an increase in awareness when it comes to its dangers, but sadly some trends are not just extremely expensive, but apparently not exactly the better alternative, just another version of the old thing.

When it comes to going for the non-chlorine swimming pools, there are two great ways to do so: the oxygen system and the ozone treatment. Of course, all ways of treatment may have their pros and cons, but these two are still the gold standard and are infinitely better than chlorinating one’s pool.

When building a pool for a school or even at home, these two guarantee a totally chemical-free pool.

But what are really the benefits of going chemical free? Let us count the ways:

The environment wins and it takes you with it in the process.

Those gallons of chlorinated water during cleaning will go directly to the drain. Just imagine the kind of effect these will have on our water ways in the coming years if we don’t change our ways. As mentioned in Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” all drains lead to the ocean. And with oceans eating so much of our ecosystem (the earth is basically blue!), it’s not a complete impossibility that this has an effect on the water we drink and the food we eat that comes from it. Isn’t about time we think smart and know that what we dump, always haunts us and bites us in the long run?

It is far easier to maintain a non-chlorine pool

It’s easy to think that dumping vats of chlorine in one’s water is very convenient. But those years of buying chlorine can take a toll, not just in one’s eyes, but also in one’s wallet. Also, water that comes from the water companies have consistent pH levels which makes it harder to mix and balance just to reach the right pH level for one’s own pool with the help of chlorine.

The joy of swimming in freshwater pools

People whose parents have been part of a blessed time and were able to swim in crystal clear waters will tell you one thing: those were truly the days. Nothing comes close to the refreshing feeling that one can only enjoy from freshwater pools. Swimming in non-chlorinated pools provide the convenience and health benefits of a real cardio exercise, without the nagging feeling about what chemicals are actually doing to one’s overall being.

And it is about time that you experience it, too. Say goodbye to chlorine!

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