Superior Quality with Dana Transmissions

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Business & Society

If you have had transmission problems, then you understand just how frustrating it can be. Transmissions are not cheap by anyone’s standards, so it can often be a daunting task to get them replaced. Without a quality transmission your vehicle will not run. If you find yourself in need of transmission replacement parts, Dana is a manufacturer that you can trust. They have a superb reputation in the industry, and you will enjoy total reliability and performance when you choose their brand. Dana is a leading provider of high quality Spicer transmission replacement components and parts for numerous Off-Highway applications. Some of these applications include construction, material handling, forestry, and even mining.

Spicer replacement parts are made with the same high standards of quality that you would get with original factory parts. That means you can expect the same dependability and performance as the day your vehicle was brand new. Whether you need hydrostatic transmissions, power shift transmissions, hydrostatic gear boxes, transfer cases, torque converters, mechanical transmissions, or any other type of genuine Spicer replacement parts, genuine replacement parts are the way to go.

Spicer torque converters and transmissions are built to be tough and durable for vehicles anywhere from 50 to 1,000 horsepower. Productivity is important, and it is dependent on the ability of the driver to maneuver the vehicle efficiently. Spicer gives vehicle operators everything they need and more for ease of use and to optimize the performance of their vehicles.

If you are an off-highway heavy duty vehicle owner, then it simply doesn’t get any better than Dana’s Spicer genuine replacement parts. They offer the latest technology in replacement parts available, and they focus on all of the things that vehicle owners want, including comfort, efficiency, safety, performance, and ease of use. There are a variety of options available that include emergency steering pump drives, electronic controlled inching, parking brakes, automatic shifts and more, so you will be able to get exactly what you need to meet your needs.

If you aren’t already convinced that Dana transmissions are the best in their class, then a look at the benefits and features will change your mind. Dana transmissions offer robust drivetrain systems, reduced noise, great fuel economy, compact layouts, and a level of durability that is unsurpassed. The best part of all is that you won’t have to break the bank when you purchase a Dana transmission. They are high performing and economical to suit a variety of applications.

Palmer Johnson Power Systems offers high quality Dana transmissions for affordable prices. View their website for further information.

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