Strengthen Brand Awareness and Increase Sales at CNC Trade Shows with the International Woodworking Fair

Statistics have shown that billions of dollars are spent per year on business participation in trade shows around the world. The total spent on this form of marketing actually trumps the totals spent on magazine, radio, and billboard advertisements. The money is not wasted either. Participating in CNC trade shows has proven to be a much more cost-effective approach to expanding your customer base and strengthening your brand awareness than direct selling approaches.

Take Advantage of Trade Shows Marketing Tools

When you choose to participate in CNC trade shows through the International Woodworking Fair, we provide you with a wide range of marketing and promotional options for pre-show and on site advertising. Our marketing tools consist of digital and direct mail sponsorships, product spotlights, show planners, press room sponsorship, indoor banner and flag advertising, and so much more.

All of our marketing and advertising tools are designed and released each year to help your business increase its sales, as well as its booth traffic during shows, and a strengthened brand awareness to take into the future.

Keep Your Focus Clear

While we provide many of the tools you need to succeed in increasing your sales, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind when planning your trade show exhibition in order to ensure the most success for your business:

  • Create a simple but compelling display. You must consider the short attention spans that people tend to have during these exhibitions. Use details such as catchy graphics and captions and keep consistent with your company’s message.
  • Use your booth to concisely answer the three most important questions that attendees like to know: who is your company? What does your company do? Why should attendees spend time with your company?
  • Never display too much information. The idea of the display is to capture attention. Draw new customers in and then explain your product and services.

Give a Presentation at Our Technology Theatre

With your participation at our CNC trade shows, we offer the opportunity for you to give a 20 minute presentation as an industry expert in our Technology Theatre. By taking advantage of this excellent opportunity, you will have a chance to strengthen and increase your brand awareness. You can explain your products and services to all the International Woodworking Fair attendees. This is the perfect opportunity to explain all the custom work that goes into your products, and the technological advancements being made with the CNC machines you employ at your company.

Our presentation slots are offered during the first three days of our trade shows, and are given on a first come, first serve basis. Don’t miss out on this excellent marketing opportunity for your business. Fill out your order form right away.

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