Stop Here When You Must Depend on Your AC Power Source

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Business

At times, the process calls for an AC power source to provide a steady output current, whether it’s for testing products like relays, transformers, circuit breakers, and meters or another specific purpose. The goal is to deliver a stable, easy-to-use supply you can rely on. To get this dependability and accuracy, it’s necessary to work with a well-known, trusted provider of equipment with constant current available in a range from 0-1A to 100A.

Custom Output

You can also talk with a representative about custom output up to 1000A, with a default of 60Hz. If you need other frequencies, just specify this when you place your order. Be sure to discuss other specific AC power source requirements when you call to talk to a member of the staff. Amplifiers and sources delivering constant current are designed to produce steady current even when the load may vary and, input power varies.

Uses include testing, magnetic-field generation, and qualifying items such as relays, meters, transformers, and circuit breakers. You may also arrange a variable-frequency source for constant current by having a professional assist you with the combination of specific power amplifiers and a function generator. Again, it’s best to consult with a specialist to determine the best method of producing your results with the correct AC power source.

World Class

When you work with one of the world’s leading providers of general purpose and special purpose linear supplies and amplifiers, you get the same quality and accuracy as is delivered to such valued customers as universities, government-research organizations, manufacturers, and military clients.

Learn more about the global customer base that has helped these specialists develop a solid reputation among customers requiring accuracy and dependability in testing and research. If you have questions about how to achieve your objectives, call and talk to these experts today. Don’t settle for less.

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