Scrap Metal Pick Up Services in Newark

by | May 25, 2015 | Business

If you have a pile of metal or old electronics sitting in your garage or yard, you may be surprised to learn that what you thought of as worthless junk could actually be worth money. Getting rid of it will not only help the environment since metal can be recycled, but you will also be able to clean up your yard to have a great outdoor space at the same time. Piles of junk can actually be a hazard in some cases, and there is no better way to remove those hazards from your property than to recycle the metal while earning cash in the process.

Make Quick Cash Selling Your Metal

If you don’t have a truck to haul your scrap metal away, no problem! Many companies in the greater Newark area that deal in buying and selling scrap metal also have affordable scrap metal pick-up services. With this service, they will not only haul the metal away, they will load it as well! This means that they do the work while you relax and get paid for your efforts.

Have a Hassle Free Process Using a Full-Service Company

The best part about doing business with a company that provides full-service buying, selling, and hauling solutions, is that you can get all of your transactions handled under one roof. Many people choose to haul their own metal recyclables to scrap yards, but there is really no need when full-service companies charge so little to haul the scrap for you. In addition to them hauling it, they handle the backbreaking job of loading it too. If you were to load it by yourself it could take hours and put a strain on you physically, since metal is often very heavy. These companies often have large magnets that will pick the metal up easily and quickly, so the job is a breeze.

Contact H&C Metals

The process of using scrap metal pick-up services is easy! Simply call the company to schedule a pickup time, and they will arrive at your location. They will determine what types of metals you have, the weight of them, and they will tell you how much money you will receive. It is as simple as that. You can have spare cash in your pocket, and your yard will look a whole lot better! Contact H&C Metals of Newark, New Jersey today to schedule a pick-up.

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