Roofers in Hanover, MD Can Convert Your Attic Into More Usable Space

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Home Remodeling

Roofers in Hanover, MD can help you renovate an area of your home that is often used less efficiently as it could be. If you have a large family, making the most of the livable space in your home is important. There are many times when the attic can be used as an additional room in your home with a little bit of remodeling. If you want to use your attic as an additional bedroom in your home, use the following guide to learn how an attic can be renovated for you to create a Dream Home Remodeling job.

Inspect and Repair

Roofers in Hanover, MD can inspect the roof on the inside and outside to ensure that there are no leaks, holes, or cracks. You want to be sure that no water or animals can get into the room because that could create a dangerous situation for whoever is living in it.


You can have the attic completely insulated to keep the area at a comfortable temperature. While the attic will more than likely be somewhat insulated, having insulation installed in the rafters will keep the heat or cool air in the room better.


Drywall can be installed around the edges of the attic to make it more of a room. The drywall can be installed at different angles to ensure that the room has a finished look when you are done.


Many attics have unfinished floors. You will need to have flooring installed in the room and then a professional company can come in to lay the padding and carpeting in the room. This will make the room more comfortable to live in and ensure that it is safe for someone to walk around in the room.

Once all of these renovations are done, the room will be a great place for someone to live. During the winter, the warm air in the house will rise to warm the room. A small space heater may still be needed, but it should be a comfortable area in which to live. Additionally, during the summer, you may need to use a few fans to keep the area at a comfortable temperature.

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