Reasons Elderly People Need to See an Eye Doctor in Andover KS Regularly

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Health

Seeing an eye doctor in Andover KS on a regular basis is very important for most adults. While most people will only need to see the doctor once every couple of years, as they begin to get older it generally becomes necessary for them to see the doctor more frequently. By doing this, the doctor can check for signs of diseases and make sure the glasses the person is wearing are strong enough for their needs.

When an Eye Doctor in Andover KS sees an older patient, one of the first tests he or she may conduct is a visual acuity test. This test allows the doctor to see how well the patient can read from a reading chart. Many doctors will have a patient read this chart while wearing their current prescription lenses.This can be a good indication of any changes in the patient’s eyesight since his or her last visit.

Most patients will begin to experience changes in their vision as they age. This is often just a normal part of the aging process. It is primarily caused by the loss of flexibility of the lens of the eye. While this condition cannot be corrected, wearing the proper prescription eyewear can help a patient in dealing with the issue. An Eye Doctor in Andover KS will be able to check for this condition and adjust the patient’s eyeglasses prescription as needed.

The Eye Doctor in Andover KS will also want to examine the physical health of the patient’s eyes. Many times diseases such as glaucoma or cataracts can cause problems with a patient’s eyesight. By checking for signs of these issues, an eye doctor may be able to find these conditions early and treat them before they become major issues.

Patients who have other medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, may notice changes in their vision as well. This can be an indication their disease is worsening and they may need to see their medical doctor about new treatments. An eye doctor can help with providing this information as well.

While everyone should see an eye doctor on a periodic basis, it is essential for elderly patients to make regular visits on a yearly basis. This will allow the eye doctor to examine their eyes and add or change treatments as necessary.

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