Panel Clips Save Time on Big Projects

If you’ve ever worked on a major construction, remodeling or redecorating project, you know how important it is to save time and effort. Every minute that you can save by eliminating time consuming tasks like nailing, stapling or otherwise mounting panels and other fixtures to walls is a minute that can be spent on another project. One great time saving tip for dealing with these tasks is the use of panel clips.

What is a Panel Clip?

A panel clip is a lightweight, strong, z-shaped piece of aluminum that is used to hang things on a wall. These clips are also sometimes known as z-clips, hanger clips, panel hangers, mounting clips or a variety of other names. The way they work is that one clip is fastened to a wall with the protruding part facing upward while another is fastened to the object to be hung with the protrusion facing downward. When they come together, gravity pulls the object down, locking the two clips together and creating a tight bond that holds the object to the wall. This allows for quick installation and quick removal of any object that gets hung using the clips. The clips are available in pre-cut lengths of 2 inches, 6 inches or 12 inches, although for larger objects there is a larger version that works the same way called a panel rail or z-rail. It is also possible to get clips custom made to fit special applications.

What are Panel Clips Used For?

Some of the things that a panel clip might be used for would include hanging acoustical panels, cabinets and mirrors. They might also be used for smaller hanging objects like photographs, paintings, signs and shelves. They are especially preferred by professionals such as contractors, architects, interior decorators and engineers because they are such a huge time saving device. The clips can be pre-installed on both the wall and the object to be hung, so once the actual installation takes place, it’s just a matter of lining up the clips. This can save up to 50% on installation time, allowing professionals to finish jobs more quickly, saving on labor costs or allowing them to move on to another job more quickly.

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