Ozone Swimming Pool Sanitizers & Their Benefits

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Business

With technologies and demands rising each year for an efficient and safe pool sanitizer, ozone swimming pool sanitizers have become a popular tool for homeowners with pools. These safe pool sanitizers get the job done, without causing any damaging affect to your health or comfort. They can be used in just about any sized pool, and can be a great asset to your property year round.

How do ozone swimming pool sanitizers work?

An ozone swimming pool sanitizer uses UV light or a corona discharge to create ozone, which is then introduced into your pool. This highly charged ozone then goes to work eliminating most forms of organic materials from within your pool. This includes algae and other pollutants, which can cause you to lose the use of your pool until cleaned.

What are the benefits of these systems?

As a homeowner, the last thing you want is a dirty pool. Not only is it disgusting to look at, but also it can deteriorate your pool and affect your health. As such, the need for a sanitizer is always critical.

  • Ozone swimming pool sanitizers have many wonderful benefits that will attract homeowners to have one in their own pools. These benefits include:
  • Ozone sanitizers kill a vast majority of common pollutants you may find in your pool including bacteria, spores, and viruses.
  • These systems are much more user friendly and have less of an affect on your skin and eyes, which is especially beneficial to those who react poorly to excess chlorine.
  • Improves the look and feel of your pool water. More often than not ozone will leave your water looking crystal clear.
  • Lowers the amount of chemicals needed in the pool. This will decrease your demand for chlorine, which is great for your budget and health.
  • Helps to extend the life of the equipment in your pool, as it eliminates the need for corrosive chemicals.
  • Lowers the demand for pool shocking, as more organic material is eliminated during use.

What are the next steps needed to have this system in your home?

Once you have decided that you want an ozone swimming pool sanitation system on your property, the next step is to speak to a professional. An expert pool company will be able to tell you exactly what is needed to install one of these systems in your home. Additionally, they can work within your budget and pool needs to guarantee that the system will accommodate the demands of your pool.

Also, you will need to understand how the unit functions, in order to ensure that it is working at full capacity at all times. These sanitizers are a great choice for any homeowner looking to increase cleanliness without the sacrifice of comfort.

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