Organic Essential Oils: an Ideal Alternative to the Synthetic

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Business

For centuries people have been harnessing the power of plants in order to benefit from the exquisite perfumes and healing properties which they possess. Today there are a wide range of plant-based fragrances, body care products and essential oils on the market, all of which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who are concerned about the quality and type of ingredients which are used in the toiletries and cosmetics which they apply on a daily basis. Read on to discover why more and more customers are opting for premium products made from pure, natural ingredients to form a regular part of their health and beauty regime.

No Chemical Nastiness

Compounds such as parabens, BHA, dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, are commonly used in a wide range of body care products. Soaps, shampoos, body lotions and creams may all contain one or more of these ingredients. In large quantities these substances have been shown to cause everything from cancer to endocrine disruption. Whilst it hasn’t been proved that exposure to the tiny amounts of these things found in toiletries is sufficient to cause ill-health, many people are taking the sensible step of switching to more user-friendly alternatives. Organic essential oils and gentle, natural products made with these oils are a great alternative which usually have none of the chemicals in them which have been linked to illness.

Proof of Quality

Organic essential oils are pure, concentrated extracts of plants which have to be grown in conditions which minimize their exposure to toxic pesticides and sprays before they can be certified as “organic”. Organic certification is only obtained when a stringent set of criteria have been met, ensuring the product you receive is as pure as possible. Where a product which has several ingredients in it is certified as organic, it means the majority of the ingredients are produced in organically certified conditions.

Organic Essential Oils are Versatile

Whether you buy a pre-blended mix of essential oils and use it as a massage oil, moisturizer, or gentle cleanser, or opt to buy individual oils and blend them yourself, organic essential oils can be used to add fragrance to a wide range of substances. Depending on the type of oil selected, it can be used to add gentle fragrance to laundry, homemade cleaning products and baths, or warmed in an oil burner to release a gorgeous aroma which you can tailor to your mood or the occasion. Many organic essential oils have therapeutic properties, enabling you to enjoy enhanced well-being as well as the gorgeous scents they provide.

Organic essential oils are growing in popularity as a delightfully indulgent alternative to artificial, chemically based perfumes as they are kind to your skin, pleasantly fragranced and incredibly versatile. If you’re looking for premium products which are effective as well as better for you and the planet, then organic essential oils make an ideal choice. Nantucket Natural Oils is a reputable company which offers many different oils for a variety of uses. If you’re interested in the many health and beauty benefits which come with these oils, this company is definitely worth your consideration.

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