Options to Consider When Buying a New Water Heater in Marana

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Business

Even with careful maintenance, the day will come when a homeowner will need to replace an existing Water Heater in Marana. Rather than waiting until the last minute, it pays to spend some time learning about different options before that day arrives.

Here are some examples of points to ponder when considering the purchase of a new heater.

Energy Source

The homeowner could focus on new heaters that use the same energy type as the old unit. That is often the most convenient option, since all the fittings are already in place. If the homeowner feels that going with a different energy source would be more efficient, it never hurts to look into the cost of new connections to that alternate source. While that will mean more money up front, it could produce significant savings in the years to come.

Tank Capacity

While it is easy enough to focus on heaters with the same tank capacity as the old one, step back and determine if the older heater really did provide enough hot water for the family. Households change over time, as children are added to the family, and as they leave to set up their own homes. If the current Water Heater in Marana does provide enough for the needs of the family, it is fine to look at models that are similar in capacity. Should the unit not quite meet current needs, consider looking at tankless models that offer hot water on demand, or at least models with larger tanks.

Where Will the New Heater Go?

There is also the matter of evaluating the specifics of the location where the new heater will go. Due to safety regulations, it is important to make sure that area provides a reasonable amount of ventilation. If the heater is encased in a cabinet, make sure that the door will not touch the tank when the cabinet is closed. A plumber can help provide some guidelines for choosing water heaters that will fit into the space safely.

If it is only a matter of time before the old water heater dies, talk with the experts at Tucsondrainmasters.com today. They can help the homeowner assess his or her needs, discuss features, and even arrange for the replacement to occur when the right time comes.

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