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by | Sep 4, 2014 | Business & Society

The Online CPE Courses Designed for Your Life

The Internet is a wild, sometimes unpredictable place. It can be a challenge to find the resources you can trust, especially when it involves something as important as certification for your career. When you need the courses and tests that help you maintain your CPA certifications, look no further than

The online CPE classes have been created by the top minds in your field. In fact, they are intended to fully meet the NASBA/AICPA state standards that are so important for your career. Take confidence in the expertly written and reviewed materials on our site, and prepare to learn in a way that is interesting, productive and convenient for you.

At CPE, we understand the importance of convenience. Most of our clients are busy people with jobs, homes, social lives and families to tend to. You simply can’t take a week off to study and take tests every time you have to again secure your certification. When you purchase one of our courses, feel free to stop, save and return as many times as you like. Not only will this be more flexible for your schedule, it will give you a chance to more thoughtfully absorb the information, and later put it to use in your career.

One aspect of providing great online CPE courses is amazing customer service. Our clients often comment on how much they appreciate our support, which is available right through our website. Typically, we strive to respond within the hour.

In some cases, you need several people to take the same test. For this, you can create one account at the group or corporate level. This will be far easier than trying to track numerous accounts for just one test, and streamline the entire process.

Perhaps you are an educator, and want to develop your own, customized test. is the perfect place for you to be. Here you may also pilot and review tests. Better yet, enjoy receiving royalties when someone takes the test you’ve created.

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Don’t waste you time with online courses and tests that don’t provide for you needs or instill the trust you deserve. is proud to be a leader in the field of CPA continuing education, and will be glad to discuss your account at any time. Reach us by phone, email, fax or online chat, and we’ll get started right away!

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