A Recycling Center in Hartford CT: Dealing With Old Tires

It is recommended that you should change your car tires after every 5000 kilometers. Most people follow this rule because they care about their road safety. What most people do not know is what to do with the tires that have reached the end of their useful life. If you have a few old car tires lying around the home, here are some recycling tips that a Recycling Center in Hartford CT recommends.

Make a swing out of them

This is one of the commonest uses of old tires in the home. If your kids have been pressuring you about getting a swing, you could save a lot of cash if you are creative enough. The only thing you will need is a good chain to support the tire. Take an old tire and remove the inner tubing. An expert can help you bore holes through two sides of the tire to attach the chain. You can paint the tire swing any color you want; alternatively, you can just wash it before attaching the chains and leave it unpainted.

Use them to make firewood holders, ice buckets or flower vases

The only thing that you will need when you are making these simple household items out of tires is good nails and adhesive. Tires can be laid on the ground to create a vegetation spot. The sides of the tire will protect the plants from spilling beyond the boundary. To make a tire bucket, you will cut a circular bottom from an old tire and a rectangle. The rectangle should be the same width as the circumference of the circular base. Adhesive will be used to attach the circular bottom to the cylindrical walls.

These are just some of the small scale things that can be made out of old tires. Another option you have is giving them to recycling experts. They will use the old tires for purposes such as making toys, soles for sandals and even rubber roofing shingles.

As you can see, old rubber should not be discarded as it has hundreds of other uses. Besides rubber, there are many other materials that are getting wasted because of improper disposal. You can conserve the environment by turning in used items to the Recycling Center in Hartford CT. To learn more about the best Recycling Center, go to Calamarirecycling.com.

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