Multilingual Staff for a Multifaceted American Corporate Future

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Business

Did you know that nearly half the world population considers themselves bilingual? This means that of working adults worldwide, almost half speak at least two languages with proficiency. Additionally, nearly one-fourth of people consider themselves trilingual or further linguistically-educated.
Unfortunately, American is largely monolingual. Fewer than twenty percent of American adults consider themselves multilingual in any fashion, leading to a dramatic shortage in multilingual workers for jobs of every kind. Solving this issue will not be a quick process, but doing so in your own corporate or commercial locations can help your business be part of the change the nation needs to remain globally competitive.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

One of the best reasons to consider bilingual staffing for your businesses is setting your company apart from its competitors. Not only does this open the door for more potential employees who can bring exciting new experience to your locations, but also welcomes more customers who are more comfortable working with people who speak their native language.

Bilingual staffing services are available through linguistic service companies located all over the globe. These companies specialize in finding the best bilingual and multilingual candidates for your company’s needs and make the connections that you might otherwise not be able to, bringing brands and business-building employees together to break language barriers and grow your presence stateside and elsewhere.

Training Existing Employees

If you’re currently looking to expand the horizons of your existing employees rather than expand further by bringing on more staff, there are still options for making your group more multilingual. Many colleges and community organizations offer courses for reduced rates for local corporate clients, and linguistic companies often offer similar classes for monolingual workers looking to diversify. Whatever your approach, know that adding more language skills to your company’s team can only have positive results.

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