Market Yourself Like A Celebrity Expert

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Business

That old saying about dressing for the job you want, instead of the job you have? It’s a saying that won’t ever go out of style. Marketing yourself as if you are a celebrity expert, provided you have the knowledge to back that up, will help you significantly.

Confidence, authority… they speak volumes to people.

Here are some ways to market yourself like a celebrity expert for your industry.

Marketing Collateral

Your business card, your website, even your social media headers should all help with your branding. Professional, eye-catching design makes a difference. Invest in your branding collateral and it will pay you back.

How-To Videos or Articles

Does your product or service help someone? Showing your customers and prospective customers how to solve their problems in online videos can be very effective for a variety of ways.

  • People looking for help solving a specific problem will find your content. They could subscribe / click through to your call to action either selling them a solution or connecting with you in a way that leaves the door open to future sales.
  • You have a chance to showcase your expertise, providing proof that you are an expert. A series of problem-solving videos or articles can drive traffic to your e-commerce site, your blog, your YouTube channel, a targeted sales landing page, free informational e-book (that subscribes the reader to your newsletter), etcetera.
  • Offer unique how-to articles or videos up to authority websites in your niche. Guest posts, podcasts, and other features can help you expand your audience and links in and out of your website to an authority site in your niche will further promote your status as an industry expert.

Public Appearances

Public appearances can showcase your status as a ‘celebrity’ in your industry. Trade shows, corporate events, special appearances, book signings — all of these can help you elevate your profile. The more of these you do, not only will you gain more connections, but you’ll increase the chances of being invited as a special guest, a keynote speaker, or featured expert at future events.

Consider Getting Published

Being a bestselling author of a book in your niche could significantly raise your profile. You don’t have to do this alone. You could enlist help of a Celebrity Branding Agency and / or a ghostwriter to help you.

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