Losing a Loved One: Ways to Memorialize and Remember

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Business

The pain of losing a loved one can linger, and there’s no way to skip past grief. However, taking proactive steps can help with the coping process, and making an effort to memorialize a departed loved one can provide some relief. Custom granite memorials, memorial benches, and other permanent markers are popular items for remembering a loved one.

Granite Memorials

Physical markers, whether placed at home, in a graveyard or elsewhere, help families create a space for remembrance. Custom granite memorials are durable, and they require little maintenance. When placed in a graveyard, they identify your departed loved one’s location, and they can be easy to spot at a distance. Modern etching technology lets you place text and even images on loved ones’ custom granite memorials.


Another option for physical markers is to create a memorial bench. Benches provide a place to sit and contemplate, and they encourage visitors to rest while thinking about your loved one. They work well in home gardens, and some locations, such as parks and churches, may allow family members to place a memorial bench honoring their loved one. Granite can be a wonderful material for benches due to its durability, and laser-etched text or images can ensure all who see the bench think of your loved one.

Written Material

Part of the difficulty of losing a loved one is feeling that their impact on their community will fade over time. Written material can provide an enduring message about what your lost loved one meant to their family and those who knew them. Obituaries are a popular first step, and online resources give families a platform for sharing facts and memories of their loved one. Laser-etching technology lets families place more text on memorials than they could with traditional engravings, so it’s worth thinking about placing extended text on physical memorial markers.

Grief takes time to work past, and there’s no way to skip the bereavement process. Along the way, however, taking steps to ensure a lost loved one is remembered can help, and exploring ways to memorialize your departed loved one can provide a beacon of relief for decades to come.

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