Keep Your Home Warm With Heating Repair in Suffolk County

by | Feb 11, 2015 | Air conditioning

When the heating system breaks down in the middle of winter, you have two choices. The first is to replace it with something else and the second is Heating Repair in Suffolk County. Replacing a furnace can be an expensive proposition, especially when the existing system isn’t very old. However, repairs will depend on what is wrong with the system and its age. To make the situation even more difficult, there are various types of heating systems ranging from boilers that transfer steam to the various spaces to central heat which treats the whole building.

Alternative heating systems include radiant systems, portable heaters, electric thermal storage (ETS) systems, wood burning units, oil burning furnaces, coal burning systems and solar based options. ETS systems work by storing heat in ceramic tiles. The heat is generated during off peak hours so the expense is cheaper and vented to the building as required. In some cases this system can save up to seventy percent of the electric consumption for heat generation. However, with all of these possibilities the most common choice is still the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or standalone central heat.

The areas that a central heating system can fail include the burner, ignition system, gas supply or electric element in an electric model. Other points of failure include the blower that distributes air and the thermostat that controls the temperature settings and regulates the on and off cycles of the furnace. The thermostat runs by flipping switches. In older units these switches may be mechanical or mercury based. In newer electronic models the switches are computer controlled. One of the best upgrades that you can make for your heating system is the installation of a new, electronic thermostat for more precise temperature control.

It is impossible to avoid having your furnace fail, but you can postpone these problems by having the unit serviced regularly. At the very least, the furnace should be cleaned every year. Cleaning the burning chamber removes a potential hazard. When the furnace isn’t being used it can accumulate dust and debris in the combustion chamber. This stuff is extremely flammable and should be removed before the unit is used. If you are in need of furnace maintenance or Heating Repair in Suffolk County you can get more information from these Youtube Videos. You can also visit Excellent Air Conditioning & Heating Services Inc.

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