Keep it Simple and Easy with a Civil Wedding

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Society

There are any number of reasons you and your fiancé could choose to hold a civil wedding. Whether you wish to tie the knot now and have the big party another day or wish to do away with the flashy expectations altogether, a civil wedding is simple and easy. You deserve simplicity at its finest without a loss of quality or meaning to your big day. You took an important step, and your ceremony should reflect this. For a fee as low as just $75, you can enjoy a beautiful, quick civil ceremony in San Antonio or Austin. An ordained minister is happy to perform this quick, 15-minute ceremony with all the grace and professionalism you deserve on your big day. The most reputable companies even offer the opportunity to include photography at a reduced rate.

Reduce Stress for the Actual Party

With your vows already shared in a private civil wedding, your wedding day is infinitely less stressful for you in every way. You are already married, and thus, certain aspects no longer have to have the picture perfect standards of before. Instead, your wedding day can be one large party without any of the hassle of bridesmaids, expensive ministers, and the search for that one song you heard five years ago that would be perfect to walk down the aisle to.

Your Party Goers Will Thank You

With less to worry about, the bride will enjoy a sense of calm few brides achieve as a wedding is planned and carried out. If the bride is calm, the entire wedding party is calm and relaxed as well. With the focus of your wedding day taken off the marriage itself and placed instead on the creation of the perfect party, there is no reason your wedding will not be exactly what you always hoped to have. With less to stress over and more fun to be had, you and your significant other are set up for a long life of love and happiness.

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