ID Badge Holders Can Enhance ID & Security Issues

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Business & Society

ID Badge Holders – used primarily to identify employees and visitors at a work site or staff and guests at a conference, convention, trade show, special event or meeting — carry a nametag inside a protective sleeve that can be pinned, clipped, hung, worn, etc. on the wearer. The holders are made unique by combining different features – material, size, form of attachment, format, etc.

ID Badge Holders Come in Every Shape and Form Possible
ID Badge Holders come in a variety of sizes and can be vertically oriented or horizontally oriented. They can be one-sided or two-sided. They can be made of clear vinyl, soft silicon or hard plastic. They can be clear or color-colored; they can have one or multiple slots. They can be blank or have pre-printed information e.g. job position, event name. You can get badge holders with snaps, slots, clips, magnets, or pins. They can even be biodegradable. These are just some of the different features that can be selected when developing holders for your badges.

Lanyard ID Badge Holders
One form of badge holder is the Lanyard ID Badge Holder. Lanyards are popular because they do not attach a person’s clothing and are easily taken off and on. They are also popular event items that can perpetually advertise your sponsor or your company.

ID Badge Clips
Another form of badge holder is the ID badge clip; ID badge clips offer a clip to attach to the wearer’s clothing.

Armband Badge Holders
Armband badge holders fit around the upper arm and provide an extra measure of safety and security. They come in a variety of sizes and materials also.

Magnetic Badge Holders
Magnetic badge holders are constructed as a flap with a magnet holds through a pocket or over a belt. Clips and pins are eliminated, so there’s no damage to fabrics. You will want to be sure the magnet in the badge holder will not erase magnetic stripes on ID and credit cards.

There are a few other forms of badge holders but a final selection usually comes down to functionality, cost and appearance and how you intend to use them.

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