How to use Digital Menus to increase food sales?

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Business

As you know, one of the most powerful tools in your restaurant is your menu boards. Customers spend valuable minutes looking over these digital menu boards searching for their perfect meal or dessert.

A good menu board can make or break your business which is why so many restaurants have made the change from static to dynamic digital menu boards. Digital menus let you customize your menus and make changes on-the-spot to increase your sales and profits.

Following are the ways you can use Digital Menus to increase food sales:-

• Spin choices for the duration of the Day:

If your menu changes during the course of the day, you should use a digital menu board for your restaurant to remove and add items as their availability changes. Breakfast items can be prominently displayed in the morning. Then, the breakfast meals can come down and be replaced with lunch and dinner choices.

Limiting your menu choices makes visitors feel comfortable that they made the right meal selection. They’re more satisfied and likely to return to the restaurant again and again.

• Speed up ordering:

When your menu is clear and uncluttered, it also helps customers to find what they’re looking for and make their selections quickly. This speeds up your ordering system and maintains your restaurant ordering process flow.

Digital Menus cut back customer confusion and reduce the number of orders that are no longer available but that are often left on old style menus.

• Emphasize Combos and Up sells:

Everyone knows the phrase, “Do you need fries with that?” Cashiers normally ask this query in a try and inspire customers to purchase combos. Digital menus can be used to improve upsells by showcasing combo deals and special offers.

By highlighting combo meals with pictures and enticing discounts and special pricing can benefits you sales in a big way. You can definitely use digital menu boards to promote extra food and meal offers.

• Add Enticing Images to your Digital Menu: With digital menus, images are powerful sales tools compared to simple lists of your food and drinks items. Displaying graphics of your menu can definitely direct your customer to buy items with the highest profit margins that you want to showcase on your menu.

• Control your Meal Availability:

Being equipped to manage the content in your menu and swiftly alternate the available meals and specials make it possible for you to spotlight distinct menu items that you would like to emphasize prominently. Show pix and easily mark down prices of exact items to move inventory. Controlling your featured specials using this approach helps control your stock and reduce food waste.

• Show Signage on your Waiting Areas:

Inserting digital menus in front of hungry customers can expand your sales and improve ordering even more. Showcase your featured entrees, but also spend time presenting appetizers that your patrons will probably love. This will make them extra likely to consider ordering an appetizer as soon as they sit down.

• Display Signage in the mall or in Window area:

You can also use digital menu boards within the vicinity of your restaurant to drive in business and attention from outside. If your restaurant is in a mall, in a resort, or another high traffic area, display your digital menu in your window or in a highly prominent place to increase exposure.

Place your digital menu directly in a tumbler case close the entrance. Entice hungry mall patrons over to your storefront and watch the customers come in in droves. By providing high-quality content with giant, colorful, and desirable graphics of your food offerings you will see an increase in visits. By doing this you show potential customers what they may be able to get inside.

To wrap up, there are lots of benefits of using digital menus boards. Hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity!! If you don’t already have digital menus for your restaurant or if you need a digital menu strategy you are in luck! Contact the digital menu experts at TJG Digital Signs at 844-854-8324 or email: direct!

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