How to Buy the Right Used or Obsolete Circuit Breakers

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Electrical

If you’re looking to purchase used or obsolete circuit breakers, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind. For one, if you’re unfamiliar with installing circuit breakers, scheduling an appointment with a skilled electrician is essential. Consulting a professional is also advantageous if you’re unsure of which model or voltage is best for your panel-board and application. There are a number of problems that can arise from improperly installed circuit breakers, so it’s best to leave the technical work to a trained, insured, and certified professional.

What Do Circuit Breakers Do?

Circuit breakers are switches that safeguard electrical circuits from the damages overloads and short circuits can cause. The role of a circuit breaker is to disrupt current flow by opening the circuit once potentially harmful or damaging conditions are detected. After current flow has been stopped, the circuit breaker can be reset. Circuit breakers are available in a number of sizes and voltage capacities, from low to medium to high voltage. They’re designed to ensure safe current flow in homes, businesses, and industrial facilities alike.

Choosing a Breaker

There are numerous brands of circuit breakers available on the market, including Brucelectric Obsolete Circuit Breakers from manufacturers that have gone out business. When you need an obsolete model, purchasing a used part is generally the most beneficial route to take. It’s important to note that if a replacement circuit breaker is needed, it’s always a good idea to purchase a model that matches the brand of the panel-board. Neglecting to do so can be construed as a violation of code, and can impede the performance of the circuit breaker. When in doubt, contacting a trustworthy electrician company will prevent problems down the road.

What to Avoid

Purchasing used circuit breakers is an excellent way to avoid the costs that come with purchasing a new part. Usually, it’s fairly easy to find a suitable model that’s in good, workable condition. However, when purchasing used or obsolete circuit breakers, it’s best to buy from highly-rated companies that carry quality products. Damaged circuit breakers are risky, especially if the label has been rendered illegible. Knowing the exact voltage and make of a circuit breaker is necessary when purchasing a replacement.

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