How Much to Get a Pet Treated with the Pet Doctor in Oahu

by | Nov 6, 2014 | Health, Tattoo

A new pet is a big responsibility, and a lot of that responsibility lies in getting them treated for various diseases, as well as the traditional spay and neuter. Millions of cats and dogs are put to death because an owner cannot be found. It is estimated that well over 3 million cats and dogs are put to death every year. For clarification and to put a grasp around that number, it comes to about one every 11 seconds.

It is the responsibility of all pet owners to make sure this number is dramatically reduced, and that includes proper treatment upfront as well as neutering. So what is needed as a new pet owner and how much will it generally cost?

Spay and Neuter: the Basics

Spaying and neutering should be mandatory, and fortunately many pet owners consider it a must. It is really very affordable at the Pet Doctor in Oahu. For a total of about $200, a pet can be treated in both areas. Many programs will help cover these costs to minimize animal deaths yearly. The spaying typically costs between $80 to $140 and the neutering costs about $50 to $90. This number varies depending on the principle region of the clinic as well as other necessities in the process, covered below.

Legal Vaccinations

In the past, many Pet Doctor in Oahu clinics offered free vaccinations, especially in areas that were required by state law. This is becoming less common for a variety of reasons, including legal ones. So it is smart to always call the local clinic to see what is covered. With that said, most states require by law a rabies vaccination which can be done at the The Honolulu Pet Clinic.

It is little excuse to not get a spay or neuter because of a lack of transportation or time. A single phone call to a well knowledged individual can help resolve many of these small obstacles that could potentially save the life of many animals and improve the life of that pet. A cat especially goes through an intense period of urgings that could easily result in a litter of kittens at the door.

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