How Much Deep Sea Diving Equipment Do You Really Need?

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If you’re on vacation in Jamaica and you want to look at a few starfish, you can most likely get away with some flippers and a snorkel. Deep sea diving, however, requires a much greater investment in gear. Exactly how much deep sea diving equipment you actually need depends on the reason for your dive, the conditions you’re diving in and your own level of expertise. You don’t want to be caught without a piece of equipment that you need, but you can’t really carry 600 pounds of gear with you either, even if you could afford to buy it.

About Deep Sea Diving
The official definition of deep sea diving is and dive to the depth of 40 meters or beyond (the recreational scuba limit). The idea of such diving conjures up images of bulky suits with bell helmets, but modern deep diving equipment is not quite as bulky, depending on the type of diving being done. There are a number of scientific endeavors and industrial projects that require dives into the deep, and there are people who do it for recreation, as well, although the expense involved and the need for specialized training and support makes it less popular than shallow diving.

Deep Sea Diving Equipment
Any totally submerged dive begins with some simple needs – a mask, a wetsuit, flippers and an air supply. As you get into deeper water, the needs get a little more specific. Obviously in colder water, including the colder water at deeper depths, the need for a thicker suit with more thermal protection increases. Gloves and boots should also be well insulated.

Many divers use surface-tethered systems that include full face masks and dry suits. The advantage of this kind of setup is comfort and the ability to communicate with other divers or the surface through a radio system. Diving with an air tank is still possible at the upper depths, but the breathing mix is important, due to the pressure changes.

Other Diving Accessories
Getting down to a good depth is sometimes a challenge when fighting the natural buoyancy of yourself and your suit. A weight belt and harness will help with that. Light becomes more diffuse as you go deeper, so deep sea diving requires a good dive light, whether it’s handheld or attached to your suit. A good knife is a diver’s best friend at any depth, especially the murky deep. Beyond this, you may need specific tools for whatever you’re doing underwater, such as lift bags, saws, vacuum hoses, etc.

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