How a POS System Can Transform Your Marketing Success

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Business

Marketing is a business buzz word which isn’t likely to go away. Everywhere you look there is evidence which shows getting the right exposure for your goods and services is the way to ensure corporate growth. Today’s consumers now have unprecedented access to multiple providers for virtually all of their needs, enabling them to cherry pick the retailer who provides not only the lowest price, but also the most tempting customer experience. Wooing prospective clients through appealing, effective marketing is critical, but challenging! Find out below how businesses in St. Paul are using a POS system to meet their marketing objectives.

Find Out More About Your Customer Base

Businesses in St. Paul use the POS system to garner a wealth of valuable information about each customer. Details such as their location, whether they are a repeat customer or a newcomer can all help to shape the way in which you present your goods and services to best advantage. Not only does this type of information allow you to build on promising customer profiles (for example if it appears a large proportion of your trade is local, it makes sense to market in the immediate geographical area), it can also enable you to see if a current marketing initiative is having the desired effect.

Individualized Service

Depending on the customer’s profile, it’s possible to shape the service they receive to meet their individual needs. As consumers value the personal touch or receiving offers which are particularly relevant to their needs, POS system information on consumers in St. Paul allow you to offer tailored coupons or promotions which are specifically aimed at a particular demographic. Customer data allows you to quickly adjust the service they receive; for example, repeat customers might benefit from an update on their loyalty points as part of their transaction while new customers will appreciate a prompt to apply for a loyalty card or an initial purchase discount.

Track Your Highs and Lows

By analyzing the data which is stored on a POS system, St. Paul enterprises can see when trade is brisk and also when the takings are highest. This can help inform everything from what stock to put out (if high priced items sell best on a Saturday, for example, then it makes sense to have more of them available at the weekend) to when promotions, special offers or discounts are likely to have the greatest positive effect.

A pro-active marketing strategy is essential to maximize profits and help retain customer loyalty. An electronic POS system can provide an excellent source of data which is helpful to inform a marketing strategy. In addition its versatility enables it to act as a valuable marketing tool, allowing promotions, loyalty cards, coupons and discounts to be consistently and easily applied. To find out more on how a POS system can transform your marketing from the mundane to the magnificent, confer with a local specialist provider, such as Ignite Payments, who is privy to such information.

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