How A Differential Pressure Transducer Works

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Electrical

In many different types of systems, applications, and industries, it is important to be able to measure a change in pressure between two points and not against a standard such as the atmosphere or a vacuum. In this type of two-point pressure measurement, a differential pressure transducer is a right choice.

The Basics

A differential pressure transducer can also be used to measure flow rate and density by a series of calculations based on the data obtained from the transducer. The changes in the pressure on either point will result in changes in the reading, indicating an increase or a decrease in flow rate or density.

It is essential to understand that a differential pressure transducer is not referenced to a specific pressure as with a gauge or an absolute pressure measurement. Both sides of the equation could change and result in a change in the reading. This is essential in many systems to ensure the maintenance of overall pressure while the variable pressures may move up or down.

These types of transducers, depending on their design, can be used in extreme temperatures, and in all types of environments from wet to dry.


There is a wide range of uses for a differential pressure transducer in all types of industrial applications. These devices can be found in HVAC systems, exhaust gas flow monitoring systems, storage tanks, and for level and flow types of measurements. The wet-wet options are also essential in hydraulic systems, high-pressure gas systems as well as with other types of fluid systems.

The wet-wet systems will be corrosion resistant and can be customized with numerous surfaces for use in different chemicals and systems. They also have the option to change to different diaphragms to measure any full-scale pressure range.

The specific uses of the differential pressure transducer will also reflect the type of system it is connected to for display. While it’s possible to have a local readout, they are often connected to a remote computer using wireless or other transmission modes to integrate readings into full system management programs.

Buying a top quality differential pressure transducer from an industry-recognized manufacturer is essential. It is also critical to buy from a company with a proven record in stocking only the best components and sensors for low pressure range capabilities.

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