Honeycomb Panels – Streamline Your Next Application

Honeycomb, or sandwich, panels are useful for a lengthy list of projects. From serving as elevator panels, to streamlining aerospace applications, to securing shelves in a retail shop, sandwich panels play an important role in a number of industries. If you’re searching for expertly made panels for your next operation, be sure to choose an experienced company that understands every project is unique. Using first-rate core, facing, and adhesive materials, they’ll create strong, reliable sandwich panels according to your personal requirements.

Simple & Effective
Sandwich panels are designed to be heavy-duty, easy to install, and flat enough to accommodate various surfaces, which make them ideal for a wide array of applications. Several industries rely on honeycomb panels for everything from art displays to remodeling. Sandwich panels are comprised of a core, facings, and adhesives. The core is pressed between two facings and held together by adhesive. The end-result is a panel that’s incredibly rigid despite its lightness, and able to serve as a wall partition, shipping medium, display panel, architectural and design panel, and more.

Choice of Materials
Depending on the project you’re planning to complete, you can purchase honeycomb panels in a range of materials. Knowledgeable suppliers usually offer different options in terms of cores, facings, and adhesives. Some commonly used core materials include honeycomb, rigid foam, or plywood. Aluminum, steel, or fiberglass composite is often utilized to construct the facings that sandwich the core. Urethane, epoxy, or contact normally serve as a strong adhesive which binds the core and facings together. Whatever your preferences are, trust a qualified company to match them with only the best materials.

Client-Focused Professionals
It can be a challenge finding a supplier of technical solutions that’s willing to customize their products and services to meet your needs. Different applications require individual, personalized panels to ensure the most satisfying results are achieved. For instance, to create a simple art display, you’d likely need a panel that’s lighter and less heavy-duty than a panel intended for architectural purposes. The right company can help you mix and match the best materials for the application you’re looking to complete, and engineer your new panels based on your specifications.

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