Hiring An Attorney In Rockwall, Texas After A Probation Violation

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Lawyer

In Texas, a probation violation could result in an immediate arrest. However, in most instances, the court makes these distinctions based on the violation, its severity, and if you’ve failed to comply with these court orders prior to this instance. Probation is granted after you’ve served a portion of your jail or prison sentence. It is a show of good faith by the judge, who is trusting you to follow these requirements. If you’re charged with a violation, you need to hire an Attorney in Rockwall TX immediately.

What to Expect

The first step taken by the court, in less severe instances, is to submit a request for a court appearance or issue a warning. However, if the violation is severe, the judge may issue a warrant. He or she discusses this violation with your probation officer initially to come to a decision.

If the process does continue to a hearing, the probation officer and prosecutor could require a penalty. The court requires them to present evidence of your violation. With a first-time violation, it is not likely that the court will revoke your probation. Alternately, it doesn’t guarantee; they won’t. If you commit a more serious crime, they must proceed based on the penalty as outlined under Texas state laws. For advice about these violations, contact an Attorney in Rockwall TX.

Will You Receive Jail Time?

Repeat offenders are most likely to acquire jail time for a probation violation. This could equate up to a few days to several months in county lockup. For minor infractions, the judge may order community service or corrective programs based on the violation. If you’re a minor, you may be sent to a detention center or boot camp. Visit website for more information.

Probation is assigned to individuals after serving prison sentences and as an alternative to these penalties. It is most often provided for juveniles and individuals without previous criminal records. When the judge provides this less severe penalty, the individual is required to follow the terms outlined in the court document. A failure to comply leads to a violation, which could present several different probabilities. If you need to hire an Attorney in Rockwall TX, contact the Law Offices of Tim Hartley today.

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