Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney for Help Filing a Successful Application

When Americans get sick and can’t work, they get no help from any government program for the first 12 months. They are expected to live off of their savings or rely on their friends and family. After the first year, they can apply to the Social Security disability program. People who have worked and contributed to this program for years, are shocked when they find out that they have been rejected. The application and approval process for this program is so confusing and difficult, that everyone should hire a Social Security Disability Attorney to help them file their initial application.

Applicants to Social Security disability programs don’t know that Social Security Administration employees rely on a book that lists many diseases and injuries along with their accompanying disability criteria. Because it has a blue cover, it is known as the Blue Book. If the applicant doesn’t match these criteria, then they will be automatically rejected. It dosn’t matter if they have other disabilities. The Blue Book has not kept up with medical research. Many diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome are not even listed in it.

A Social Security Disability Attorney understands this application process. If his client’s condition doesn’t match the established criteria in the Blue Book, he will carefully explain why. Then he will show how his client is too disabled to work. If his client has a condition or injury that isn’t listed in the Blue Book, he will find a condition that matches his client’s. He will then show how his client matches the list of disability criteria for the existing condition.

The SSD Lawyer will also have to provide a detailed work history of his client. This will include the tasks the person was expected to perform and the machines they had to operate. If the employer attempted to accommodate the person’s illness or injury, the lawyer has to list why the accommodation didn’t help. He has to clearly demonstrate that the disability prevents the person from working. People who are ill or injured can have a difficult time completing this application process successfully. Social security’s own data shows that applicants with attorneys are far more likely to get their applications approved.

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