Fusion Bond Pipe

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Business

Fusion bond pipe has all the characteristics of the common galvanized or steel pipe, but with the added benefit of a powder epoxy coating which adds anticorrosion qualities to the pipe. Much like with other types of pipes, fusion bond pipe has a wide array of uses, such as: transporting gas and water, delivering high pressure air, emitting high pressure steam, and serving as protective conduit for wiring.

For coated steel pipes which carry oil and gas require special, long lasting coatings, as metals eventually erode from continued exposures to water and chemicals. Industries rely on the best in coatings because of the many underground and topical pipelines which transport oil and gas, throughout the United States and abroad.

Fusion bond pipe falls within the oil country tubular goods (OCTG) classification of seamless, rolled products that are subjected to loading conditions in accordance with their specific applications. The fusion bond pipe, while it has the added on epoxy coating, must be made of a hardy and durable material. This is especially true since it will be subjected to a lot of abuse which includes torque, tension, and pressure. All of these can put strain on the pipe; a fact which emphasizes the strong material for the fusion bond pipe is of utmost importance.

A company must understand how to negate the alloying limitations when manufacturing the piping. A company which does will have the most efficient fusion bond pipe, as well as other forms of OCTG that would be required for industrial processes. Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is the highest recommended for that job.

With over 26 years of expensive experience, Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is one of the largest distributors of fusion bond pipe, among other types of piping, in the world. Diverse and noteworthy inventories and offices are spread across the globe, proving Kelly Pipe is a recognized and respected brand. It stands without competition in the field of pipe distribution.

Kelly Pipe Co., LLC offers domestic and imported pipe stocked from prominent sources worldwide. They are available in every type of specification needed, including such types as black, galvanized, seamless, and electrically welded. The line includes fusion bond pipe, industrial plastic pipe, lined steel pipe, and fittings for piping. Add in the fact that their inventory of a wide variety of value-added services, and there is no doubting why Kelly Pipe Co., LLC is the best place for all industrial piping needs.

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