Four Tips for Promoting Your Business with Corporate Video in Lexington, KY

Did you know that YouTube is now the third most visited site on the Internet? Google and Facebook are the only two sites that receive more visitors. With this information, you can find new ways to bring your company to the attention of others, but only if your videos are done professionally, as an amateur video can do more harm than good. When creating a Corporate Video in Lexington KY, you need to ensure it projects the right image while offering a message consumers are looking for. Here are some tips to achieve these goals.

1. Make sure the video provides relevant information, material the viewer is searching for. This may be something as simple as a tip or it may be nothing more than something you find funny that relates to your company in some way. Start by making videos which answer simple questions viewers want answers to, even if they don’t know they need these answers. As you begin to feel more comfortable making these videos, you can expand to other areas.

2. Only incorporate one message into each video. For example, if you own a yarn shop and wish to teach others about different techniques, focus on only one method in each video. You may wish to do an introductory video explaining the various methods, but do a separate video for each method also. This ensures you don’t overwhelm the viewer with too much information at one time

3. Make the video very visible on your site as well as on YouTube. You want viewers to be easily able to find this information, as it will ensure they come back to you when they want and need something new.

4. Include a call to action with each video. Suggest they visit your site for more information or visit your location for personalized assistance. There are many ways you can include a call to action, but no video is complete without one.

Many business owners turn to First String Media Productions when making a Corporate Video in Lexington KY. With the help of this video production firm, you can boost local recognition and brand visibility. Make full use of this marketing technique and you’ll quickly see amazing results.

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