Foundation Repair With Helical Piles in Mississippi

There are several different types of foundation systems. The type of foundation needed will be determined by the weight load of the building. This is all done during the construction planning phase of any building. After a period of time it is possible that a foundation may need to be repaired. Not all of these issues are considered to be severe. Most foundation problems can be resolved by specific repair techniques.

The Helical Piles in Mississippi are a type of foundation repair technique used by professionals. A structural engineer will be able to determine the exact techniques that will need to be used. The helical piles and pier systems just happen to be one of the most commonly used type of repairs done. They will first need to determine a load weight. This will be the first step in determining the size of shafts that will need to be used.

Depth is also a factor that will determine how the foundation repair is done. Soil conditions and area history are two factors that will help the engineer decide what steps need to be taken next. Depth determination is done by using heavy equipment with a drilling device attached. The ground will be drilled until solid soil is met. This will be how the engineer determines how deep the supporting system will need to be.

There are many factors that will determine the cost of the repair by Helical Piles in Mississippi. There may be varying costs per pier when it comes to the helical piles. The Foundation Repair Specialist will be able to get an exact cost. The deeper the piers are to be driven, the most costly the repair will be. The same applies to the number of piers that must be used. The more of them that are needed, the more costly the process will be.

As you can see, there are several factors that will determine the overall cost and length of time required to complete a foundation repair. The best way to find out is to consult with the specialists at Ewing and Ray Foundation Services Inc. Their workmanship is guaranteed. You can contact them via telephone or their website for a free foundation repair analysis. That’s the first step getting your foundation problems resolved.

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