Fire Damage Restoration in Philadelphia Includes Damage From Water and Mold Damage

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Business

Whether it’s in a business or a residence, a fire is a terrifying thing to experience. What’s left behind following a fire can be also be very disturbing. Even if it was a small fire with minimal damage, the mess left behind from fighting, containing, and extinguishing the fire can be overwhelming. Cleaning up after an incident like this can be hazardous and should be left to professionals with proper training and experience. Soot, ash, water and other flame retardants that were used on the fire can leave behind a dangerous work environment, so looking for experts in Fire Damage Restoration Philadelphia to handle the task.

The first thing a cleanup crew will need to do is to make sure that the structure is stable enough to work in. Fire can weaken walls and flooring, and the water used to put out that fire can continue that job, making for a dangerous working area. Once the structure has been deemed safe, a restoration team can begin to handle structural chores like boarding up windows and doors which need it. If the roof has been compromised, they can use tarps to cover holes and prevent further damage to the building and its contents.

Many teams will perform what is known as a “pack-out” at this point. This is where a sort of triage is set up for the building’s contents. Any damage is noted and the items are taken off-site for any necessary cleaning and deodorizing. This may include any furnishings, floor coverings, wall hangings, or other belongings which were subjected to water or smoke. Items that didn’t sustain any damage may be taken to a storage facility for safe-keeping until the building has been restored and they can be returned.

The biggest threat following a fire can be the standing water left behind. Not only can this water cause structural damage, it can also precipitate the growth of mold or mildew if left standing for too long. As part of the water removal phase of the restoration, an antimicrobial agent may be used to try to circumvent the growth of these health hazards. If it is discovered after the restoration, experts in Fire Damage Restoration Philadelphia, like Eco Tech can also handle mold and mildew remediation. They can handle all aspects of fire or water restoration when you need it.

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