Finding the Right Storage Solution in Baton Rouge

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Moving Services

Sometimes in the midst of a relocation, it becomes clear that there’s a need to find storage. Baton Rouge residents planning a move have plenty of options when it comes to storage space, but not all facilities are the same.

When looking for storage facilities in Baton Rouge, it’s important to keep the following points in mind in order to identify the best solution:

Personal Attention
When it comes to finding a safe place for your precious possessions, the feeling that your goods are important to the company providing the service lends a peace of mind you won’t find just anywhere. Inquire as to how your items will be packed or wrapped to ensure that they will be stored with care.

Climate Control
Only the best will do, and this means storage facilities that are well-maintained and, more importantly, climate controlled. Climate control means that your belongings are being stored at a consistent temperature and humidity level – especially crucial in Baton Rouge, where humidity can be a problem. Controlling the climate prevents damage, especially for items that are being stored for a long period of time. Books, papers, bedding, mattresses, sports equipment, metal goods and appliances – all of these will benefit from climate control.

Secure Facilities
Security is crucial, of course. Find out the security measures your storage facility takes in order to keep their customers’ belongings safe. Find out, too, whether the company uses asset management software to keep track of the items being stored.

Short and Long-Term Options
Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the length of time storage will be needed. A new home isn’t ready to be moved into yet, or a move for business has an undetermined return date, or another one of any number of events is the case. It’s good to know in advance whether your storage solution will allow for long-term options.

No matter your reason for needing a solution for storage in Baton Rouge, you know better than anyone the value of your belongings. You deserve a storage company that will treat your items with the respect and care they need – one that ensures they’ll remain secure and in the condition in which you entrusted them.

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