Finding a Plating Company

Once you’ve decided that you need electroplating services, your next task is to choose a plating company to do that for you. You need first to know what sort of electroplating you’re looking for, then to find a company capable of doing that particular type of plating work. Next, you’ll want to check out the company’s reputation and certifications. Finally, you will want to make certain that the company has the sort of customer service and support that you want and deserve.

Types of Electroplating Services
The word electroplating refers to a wide range of different specific metal treatments that involve attaching thin plating to a piece using electrical current. The plating itself might be made from zinc, silver, chromium or other metals. Companies often specialize in a particular type of metal plating, and they often have variations within that plating type. For instance, a plating company that specializes in zinc plating might offer zinc alkaline plating, zinc iron plating, zinc nickel plating and other types of plating within the zinc family. Knowing the exact type(s) of plating you’re interested in can make your first step as easy as doing an internet search for that type of plating.

Certifications and Reviews
Once you’ve found a company or group of companies that does the type of electroplating that you’re looking for, you need to start checking them out. You can use a number of third party review sites, or just do an Internet search for reviews with the company name. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau and look for accreditation and any complaints against the company in question.

It’s also a good idea to check the company’s website or call them to ask about any certifications or accreditation they possess. These certifications can reassure you as to the competence of the company and give you insight into their specialties.

Customer Service and Support
Customer service is a huge part of maintaining any business relationship, so you’ll want to find an electroplating company that is attentive to your needs. You can test this before you even spend a dollar with a plating company by calling or emailing their customer service department with questions about how they would handle your particular project or about their specialties.

A customer service department that takes the time to answer your questions thoroughly and accurately, or at least finds the right people to do so, will likely do the same when you have questions about your order, your payment, or their service. If the customer service department is unresponsive now, they will likely be the same when they have your money.

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