Find Out Now: Water Leak Detection

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Business

It is what you don’t see that will hurt you – or hurt your home or business property.

All of us have experienced a water leak, one that is sudden and noticeable. Sometimes this occurs when there is a defect or worn area in water pipes. At other times, the leak is structural, meaning that rainwater is getting into the home or office because of a faulty roof, for instance. In both of these situations, we usually only learn of the leak when it becomes obvious and/or serious.

But in almost every case, the problem has been building up over time, even causing minor, unseen damage or damage that is seen but is not cause for alarm – but it most certainly should be cause for alarm!

Expert Attention

It is at this point that you should take action to correct the problem before it becomes a major issue. What can you do? Call in an expert in water leak detection. If you notice that a room has recently started to give off a musty or damp smell, or if you see a small stain on the ceiling, wall, or floor, you may have a water leak.

Another indication of a leak would be if you see an unusual increase in your water bill. These are just a few of the clues that it is time to call in a professional with plenty of experience in water leak detection. They will use moisture meters and thermal imaging, along with video inspection using a borescope to look at inaccessible areas.


Water damage from a pipe or structural leak can be expensive to repair. Remember, it is what you don’t see that will hurt you, especially if you allow the problem to build up, and you deal with it by saying you will get to it soon. Find out now, before “soon” arrives.

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