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From residential, commercial to industrial applications, there are specific types of cables used. Among one of these cables is the MC cable. This particular cable can be used for different applications. It is used for branch circuits, feeders and conductors. MC cable is used in almost every construction site today. From schools, home, hotels to stadiums, there are different structures that make use of metal clad.

Difference Between AC and MC Cable

Some may mistake AC cable with MC cable since these two look the same. But they are different. Metal clad cable has grounding conductor while the other makes use of internal bonding strop. In terms of the size, MC cable is quite huge (up to 2000 kcmil). On the other hand, the AC cable is much summer. Another notable difference between the two is that metal clad cable is suitable for outdoor use while the type AC cable does not fit for outdoor use. MC cable is popular for its economical use and installation not to mention that this type of cable is also versatile since it can be used to different kinds of construction projects. It is very efficient and easy to install compare to other cables. You get to save time and at the same time install the cables with the need for fewer materials.

Use of MC Cables

MC cable can be used for different purposes. If the cable does not have a nonmetallic jacket, it can be installed and used for what you call “other space used for environmental air”. MC cables can be used for both indoor and outdoor application. It is widely used as it can be installed even in exposed areas, underground and concealed areas. In fact, they can even be used in a cable tray.

Type MC Cable for Burial Applications

In using this type of cable, some would ask it can be used for underground or in particular for wet location. Type MC cable can definitely be used for this application. When you purchase this cable, you can get the MC cable that has outer PVC jacket that you can easily use for burial applications. Just make sure that such cable is suitable for such application.

Know the Local Codes

Do you have a project at home and you want to use metal clad cables? Just before you finally do your project, make sure that you check out the local codes. Follow the guidelines set by the regulating agency for safety purposes. Be familiar with the right use and installation of the cable to avoid any electrical hazard.

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