Extend Your Stay in Kisumu

Most people who discover the beauty of Kisumu and all the wonders that they can experience here and in Kenya in general are reluctant to leave. Luckily, with the affordable prices at our hotel, you can prolong your stay to visit any one or all of the sites that Kisumu has to offer. Our short stay suites in Kisumu are the perfect way to enjoy an extended stay in one of Kenya’s fastest growing cities.

Kisumu is the epitome of a quaint city steeped in rich local history. Because of its prime location on a gulf of Lake Victoria, a tropical fresh water lake that is Africa’s largest, Kisumu had been a trade center centuries before the British came in to colonize the city. After conversion to British rule around 1900, the port was introduced to the railroad system and later in the 20th century, the airplane, making it an international hub of trade. Even with a dip in its economy due to its independence from England in the 1960s, Kisumu remained a vital part of trade.

A little-known fact about Kisumu is that it has sister city ties with two cities in the United States: Roanoke, Virginia and Boulder, Colorado. These three cities, along with others in their sister network, work in conjunction to bring greater cultural understanding to people from different regions across the world. Along with the general exchange of cultures, the cities help sponsor different charities in each city. People who visit the city to see the difference that their contributions have made can enjoy our short stay suites in Kisumu while here.

Kisumu is also a city that believes in the value of education. The city boasts of 27 places of higher education from Catholic University of East Africa-Kisumu Campus to the International School of Medicine and Technology to the La-Von School of Hair and Beauty. Each of these schools showcases the diversity of talent that is being cultivated in the city.

If you’re looking for something more cultural and historical, you can visit Kisumu’s museums. You can also take a tour on one of many Kenyan safari tours which range from a day to two weeks. Even if your idea of a cultural excursion means shopping, Kisumu has that too. Along with local shopping markets, there are also three miles within 6 miles. Therefore, there is never any shortage of activity to do, which makes spending time in short stay suites in Kisumu even more attractive. To know more Visit Website.

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