Expectations and Traditions: The Role of the Groomsmen

So it has happened, your best friend, or possibly your brother, has asked you to be a groomsmen in their wedding. Now what? It is a role that has a lot of responsibilities, and the traditions are extensive. To make sure you are fulfilling this important role to the expectations of the wedding party, knowing what you need to do is important. It is something you should be aware of, even before you decide to agree to the role.

Planning Responsibilities

A lot of the important but unpleasant planning tasks are left to the wedding party. In particular the bridesmaids and groomsmen are expected to take on a lot of the little details. One of the most critical parts that groomsmen need to plan is the bachelor party. This is a celebration with one of your closest friends on their upcoming wedding. Typically, this is a male only event, but find out what your groom is looking for. It is their party, and you are just making it happen. Keep that in mind when planning out adventures and other details.

Support Before, During, and After

Weddings are very stressful. Your job, as a groomsmen, is to be there for the groom. They may need to vent about the planning process and other concerns. Listen respectfully, but try not to sway the grooms mind. Cold feet happen during wedding planning, and that is not a reason to attempt to break the couple up. Just listen, and be there as things unfold. This is something that does occurs during planning, on the big day, and even shortly after. Adjusting to married life can be difficult, and having supportive groomsmen is critical. Most grooms are very understanding of the effort and emotion required to be a groomsmen. It is tradition for grooms to provide unique groomsmen gifts as a way to say thank you. It is a role that is hard, but an important part of a wedding. It is an honor, although difficult, to provide this to a close and trusted friend.

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