Emission Reduction Options for Aircraft Tow Tractors and Other GSE

There are plenty of reasons why having low emission ground support equipment is the way to go. Legislation is constantly being introduced to push for tighter environmental laws where emissions are concerned, so low emissions equipment is absolutely essential if you want to be one step ahead of the game in being compliant. The laws are moving towards conservative fuel usage and environmentally friendly practices. Some GSE suppliers are on board with the changes and embrace the opportunity to do their part, but others lag behind until they absolutely have to make the changes based on laws that are passed. It is always best to do business with a company that makes changes to implement emission reduction practices even if they are not required to do so.

Aircraft tow tractor manufacturers that are able to decrease emissions by 84% could annually save 83,000 tons of CO2, 33,000 tons of H20 and 373 tons of NOX. This would be extremely beneficial to the environment.

Are Towbarless Aircraft Tow Tractors a Better Option?

There have been a few studies that indicate that aircraft tow tractors that are towbarless are a much better option for the environment. They can be used in any area of the airport, and they can be used with any type of aircraft. Instead of relying on a tow bar, these tow tractors use lift devices that are positioned in the center of the vehicle to cradle the nose gear tires. This allows aircraft to be easily maneuvered. Since this type of equipment is adjustable, it fits any aircraft and is much easier to use than regular tow tractors that have to rely on the use of a tow bar.

Current FAA Stance

According to the current stance of the FAA the airline industry is years and maybe even decades away from requiring the use of aircraft tow tractors that do not use tow bars. New tow tractors are incredibly expensive to purchase, so it is unlikely that airlines will make the move to switch until they are required to do so. However, being environmentally friendly and having quality ground support equipment does not have to bankrupt airlines. They simply have to make choices that are based on good business practices. Making choices based on environmental impact is the right thing to do.

Mercury GSE believes it is important to reduce emissions as much as possible. They offer a great towbarless aircraft tow tractor called the Taxi-bot and other high quality ground support equipment.

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