Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

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Today, if you want to buy and install a fireplace, you have many different types from which to choose. There are wood burning, pellet burning and gas burning fireplaces. You can opt for inserts and free-standing types of fireplaces as well. Among the most popular models selling today, however, is the direct vent gas fireplace.

What Is a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace?

A direct vent gas fireplace is a type of fireplace that functions in a non-conventional manner when compared to a traditional fireplace. It is prefabricated. It also does not require a chimney to “vent” the combustion gases. While it can use the existing chimney, it can also send the gases out through another type of venting system – an enclosed system. This is one consists of either double-walled pipe or a pipe-within-a-pipe. The venting system is installed horizontally directly into the exterior wall of the room in which the fireplace is located. Alternatively, the vents can be positioned to pass the gas vertically through the roof.

Advantages of a Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

There are several advantages to this fireplace system. When you have a direct vent gas fireplace, you are able to benefit from its structure and capabilities in several ways.

* Efficiency: The enclosed vent system sends the gaseous air outside directly. They also pull in combustion air from the exterior and not the possible already warm air circulating in the room.
* Clean: The fire burns cleanly
* Saves Space: This is particularly true if the model selected is a zero clearance direct vent gas fireplace. It can be placed in what were considered awkward corners or spaces too small to consider. The fireplace can also be placed close to furniture without fear of them catching fire.
* Appearance: The fire glows cheerily exhibiting all the characteristics of a real fire
* Heat Radiation: Heat radiates through the porous front glass pane but does not escape from the sides making it safe to place it close to furniture and other items that would have been scorched or prevent a fire hazard if the fireplace was a traditional wood burning model
* No Drafts: Direct vent gas fireplace does not exhibit drafts. This makes the room cozier and reduces the potential for heat loss
* Fume Free: The venting system and enclosed design meanwhile heat escapes into the room gas fumes and other odors do not
* Does Not Require Electricity: The direct vent gas fireplace while it requires propane or other form of the gas line does not work off electricity. AS a result, it is available when the power is off

The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

A direct vent gas fireplace offers many advantages over traditional types of fireplaces. It is available in various styles. You can even order them with a mantelpiece if you so desire. If you like gas and want to experience the warmth and comfort brought to a rom by a fireplace, go ahead. Buy a Direct vent gas fireplace.

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