Customized Office Supplies in Honolulu That Convey Religious, Ethical and Other Themes of Interest

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Business

Many small business owners would like to include a theme in their promotions and communications that are not directly related to the business. A company providing customized Office Supplies in Honolulu can craft rubber stamps and other tools made to order for the clients.


A common example is an entrepreneur with a strong Christian faith wanting to include images and messages that convey the belief in a somewhat subtle way. Another example would be an astrology buff who would like to include Zodiac signs in these items. Stationery could include relevant imagery and a favorite quote. Rubber stamps used for marking the date of receipt and other important information also can display a few words or an image.


For instance, date markings could include the Zodiac sign for that particular day. It’s not personalized for the recipient but still, adds a point of interest. Office Supplies in Honolulu also include embossing equipment and employee badges that can display something connected with the theme.

The possibility of including Zodiac signs might be done with a “just in fun” impression. Depicting an ethical issue like kindness to all animals might show an image of a dog, pig, cow, and chicken relaxing peacefully together. A spiritual symbol could include a cross, a star of David or a yin-and-yang circle. Many options are feasible with stamps and other products.

Starting Slowly

These thematic products aren’t for everyone, as some business owners may worry about offending clients or potential customers. Others, however, have such a strong belief in a religion or an ethical issue that they want to make those ideas known to people whenever they can.

Small business owners who feel a little nervous about this prospect can look to several large commercial organizations that are quite open about their religious beliefs or ethical stances. They might start with just one symbol on a certain type of stamp, like the preferred imagery or short quote stamped on invoices. Stamps can be purchased from a company such as Rubber Stamp One Day Service, also known as RSODS. Contact us to find out more about our products.

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